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What should my baby wear under a swaddle, Atluxe swaddles blanket

What should my baby wear under a swaddle?

Choosing the right attire for your baby to wear under a swaddle is crucial for ensuring their comfort and safety during sleep. Newborns have delicate skin and regulating their body...

Parents hold a baby wrapped in atluxe soft, sustainable bamboo swaddle

Do swaddles help with to soothe colic?

The question of whether swaddles help to soothe colic in babies is a topic that many parents ponder. While swaddling can provide a sense of security and comfort for infants,...

Baby sleeping comfortably in atluxe swaddle

How do I swaddle a baby correctly

Swaddling is a time-honored technique that can provide comfort and security for newborns, but mastering the art of swaddling correctly is essential for ensuring your baby's safety and comfort. To...

Baby wrapped in atluxe swaddle. How tight should a swaddle be

How tight should a baby swaddle be ?

Finding the right balance between snugness and comfort is crucial when swaddling your baby. The swaddle should be tight enough to provide a sense of security and mimic the cozy...